Tourism long term contributor to propping up Rupiah: central bank

Bengkulu, ANTARA News) - Bengkulu Province is urged to begin revitalize its tourism sector to be able to become global, in order to increase interest in visits from the world community, because tourism industry is an effective long term contributor to stability of rupiah, an official said.

Head of the Bank Indonesia (BI) provincial representative office, Endang Kurnia Saputra said here on Tuesday, adding that in addition to short term solution, the government should think of long term plan to maintain rupiah stability.

He further said that the more foreign tourists visiting Indonesia, the more dollar would flow into the country.

Unfortunately, there are only around 10 tourist destinations that could attract foreign tourists to the country such as Bali, Raja Ampat, and Wakatobi, he said.

Other provinces , which also have no less potential tourist objects with natural beauty, have not been sufficiently promoted and have no access on poor infrastructure , he said.

"We hope the country including Bengkulu to start developing its natural wealth to draw foreign tourists," he said.

Reporting by Boyke Ledy Watra
Editing by Albert Saragih, Otniel Tamindael