Brebes, C Java (ANTARA News) - Vice presidential candidate Ma`ruf Amin opined that Islamic boarding schools should become the drivers of shariah economy in Indonesia and concurrently the nation`s economic centers.

"I emphasized the importance of the schools (pesantren in local term) to study the concepts of shariah economy that could be found in abundance in classic fiqih books being studied in pesantrens, so far," Amin, who is also a chief cleric, stated at the Al Hikmah school in Bendo, Brebes, Central Java, on Tuesday.

He remarked that the shariah economy had already become a national economic system marked by the presence of shariah banks and national shariah financial committee that is chaired by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

"In view of this, I hope pesantrens would be able to study and incorporate the concepts into the contemporary economic system," he remarked at the "Pesantren Economic Self-Reliant Entepreneurship Meeting" and the event to mark the 7th death anniversary of cleric Masruri Abd Mughni.

Amin remarked that pesantren students had already proven they could play a role in the public sector as was demonstrated by several graduates that had become cabinet ministers, regional heads, or also a president.

In view of this, he called on pesantren students to be courageous and to have self-confidence to work in various sectors.

Amin said he will bring in a new Indonesian economic wave concept as an anti-thesis of the neo-liberal economy that has proven to further widen the gap between the rich and poor.

`The new economic wave will be implemented through partnership between small and big businesses," he stated, adding that small economic entities and pesantrens will become suppliers for big businesses.

He said the new economic wave has had the full support of the government offered through the asset redistribution program in which pesantrens receive a right to manage idle state land.

Central Java Governor Taj Yasin said he was inspired by the chief cleric to strengthen empowerment of pesantrens.

"The provincial government of Central Java is committed to improving the economy of pesantrens," he noted.

Amin has been selected to be the running mate of Jokowi in a bid to seek his reelection in the vote in April next year.

Reporting by Kutnadi
Editing by Yoseph Hariyadi

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