Purwakarta, W Java (ANTARA News) - Indonesian and foreign red cross volunteers gathered in Purwakarta District, west Java on Sunday to carry out evaluation on the development of Red-Cross volunteers.

On the occasion, about 5,000 volunteers of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) from across the country held a forth National Meeting but it was also attended by foreign red cross and red crescent volunteers.

"Volunteers from the red cross and red crescent of Asian, European and American countries also took part in this activity," organizing committee chairman of the national meeting, Muhammad Muas said here on Sunday.

He said the meeting is a forum to carry out evaluation and guidance for the red cross volunteers of PMI.

This is carried out as part of the main program of PMI based on the massage of Law No 1 Year of 2018 on red cross.

"This forum will last until September 22, 2018," Muas said.

Muas said there are two objectives of the activity, which included general goals such as enhancing the red cross competence, quality, and leadership of PMI volunteers to support organizational capacity and professional service.

It also has a specific purpose namely to increase and improve the knowledge, attitudes and skills of PMI volunteers in applying the red cross values through planning, implementing and managing PMI services.

The other objective is to build networks of cooperation between volunteers and partners and equating understanding between Management, Staff and Volunteers in the process of coaching and development of Volunteers.

Reporting by M. Ali Khumaini
Editing by Andi Abdussalam

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Editor: Heru Purwanto
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