Bengkalis, Riau (ANTARA News) - The Bengkalis district court in the Indonesian province of Riau handed down death sentence to two suspected drug couriers for carrying 10 kilograms of crystal meth on Wednesday.

The two suspected drug couriers, identified by their initials as MH and RF, have lawfully and convincingly committed a criminal offense by abusing narcotics, the panel of judges led by Dr. Sutarno SH, MH said.

The defense lawyer for the two suspects stated that their clients would consider the sentence.

The two suspects told police investigators earlier that they would have received Rp130 million from their drug dealer if they had managed to carry 10 kilograms of crystal meth from Dumai in Riau province to Lampung province.

They had received Rp2 million each to carry the crystal meth to Lampung at the request of the drug dealer held in custody at a correctional facility in Lampung.

The Bengkalis police, in cooperation with the correctional facility and the Dumai city police, later investigated the case.

However, the origin of the crystal meth is still unknown since the suspects only took the contraband from Dumai.

The police arrested the suspects in a raid while they were traveling to Pekanbaru via Siakkecil on Dec 13 last year.

Police officers found the crystal meth wrapped in a plastic bag aboard their car.

Earlier, the Bengkalis district court also handed down death sentences to a drug dealer for carrying 40 kilograms of crystal meth and hundreds of ecstasy pills and to a suspect in a mutilation case.

Reporting by Abdul Razak and Alfisnardo
Editing by Suharto, Bustanuddin

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