Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian government received international assistance for post-disaster recovery in Central Sulawesi in the form of money from international NGOs.

"From foreign organizations, it is not permissible for experts, which can only be given in the form of money through PMI accounts," Ministry of Social Affairs command center spokesman Adhy Karyono said in Jakarta on Friday.

He said 11 international organizations had entered and there were still 21 selected organizations.

Furthermore, the government received international assistance from both foreign countries and institutions, but specifically, foreign aid was limited to only six types of assistance, he said.

The assistance is in the form of air transportation equipment with the specifications of Hercules C130 aircraft, tents, generators, clean water treatment, field hospitals and fogging.

"Apart from the six types of assistance, others were rejected. Meanwhile, foreign-owned non-governmental institutions were limited to aid in the form of money," he explained.

If the foreign institution provides field services, it can only be done by partners in Indonesia.

Karyono said assistance from foreign countries had begun to enter via Balikpapan in the form of aircraft and would be shifted to Palu.

Previously, the Indonesian Government stated that it had received foreign assistance from the international community to respond to and overcome the impact of the urgent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Donggala.

Reporting by Desi Purnamawati
Editing by Eliswan Azly

Reporter: Desi Purnamawati
Editor: Bustanuddin
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