Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Xi'an City in Shaanxi Province, China, is proud to have the Shaangu heavy industry company as it has been successful in building the company into one of the largest in China on its 50th anniversary.

The company, which was involved in dealing with only one field in the engineering industry since 1968, has now been able to run three business fields which are integrated into one system, including engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), which are solutions to energy problems.

According to Shaangu`s CEO Li Hong`an, the company`s success is due to the good cooperation between the management and all its stakeholders, including talented employees and retirees serving in the head office in Xi`an and its branches in China and abroad.

"The state-owned company, which entered the stock exchange in 2010, also appreciates the communist party, the government, the legislatives, customers as well as mass media, both at home and abroad, which have been considered instrumental in its progress," Li Hong`an remarked in his speech on its 50th anniversary recently.

The company, which has been awarded several times by the government, has generated sales revenue of 11.3 billion Yuan by the end of August 2018, the CEO of the company, which has 12 branches worldwide, revealed.

At present, the company, also known as Shaanxi Blower (Group), has developed into an international company that diversifies its green energy products.

As a company that provides solutions and services in the energy sector, Shaangu operates in the fields of petroleum; chemical industry; metallurgy; air separation; power generation, including nuclear power; urban construction (subway); environmental protection; and pharmaceuticals.

These products have been distributed for domestic purposes to 32 provinces out of the 56 provinces in China, in addition to being exported to several countries, including Indonesia.

BUMN Cooperation

Shaangu also continues to develop cooperation with foreign companies in several countries, including some state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in Indonesia.

"Indonesian SOEs are important partners for companies in Xi`an City, Shaanxi Province, China," Sales Supervisor of China`s heavy industry company, Shaangu Power, for Indonesia and Malaysia regions, Larry Zheng, remarked recently.

For this reason, the company is exploring the possibility of developing cooperation with several Indonesian state-owned companies, Zheng told Antara on the sidelines of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary.

According to Zheng, some efforts have been made to introduce the Chinese state-owned new products, namely gas and nitric acid-producing devices used for various purposes, to heavy industrial companies in Indonesia, such as Krakatau Steel, Pertamina (the state-owned oil and gas company) and an Indonesian leading gas company Samator.

Zheng noted that he visited Samator in Indonesia in August 2018 in an effort to explore cooperation on the procurement of gas from Shaangu. He also added that his company wanted to see which products were needed by the largest gas distribution company in Indonesia.

"In addition to Samator, I also hope that Shaangu can cooperate with Pertamina and be included in the stock exchange of the state-owned company," Zheng pointed out, adding that he would also visit BP Migas (the Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities Management) for consultation purposes.


Some customers acknowledged that since its establishment in 1968, Shaangu has been making a major transformation not only in the field of technology but also in the commercial sector.

This happens because Shaangu is highly concerned about its talented employees and considers them to be the ones who know the company which is market oriented and driven by innovation. Due to such performance, the company could continue to grow and export its products to different countries.

Vice Chairman of Shaangu`s partner industry committee Xue Yi Ping, who is also a former chairman of the company`s board of directors, revealed that Shaangu had contributed greatly to technology development.

Ping encouraged the company to continue developing technology and innovation as an effort to make new breakthroughs in the international market.

A number of officials, representing the central government and provincial administrations, were also invited to the commemoration of Shaangu`s 50th anniversary.

The Director of the National Resources Committee, Liu San Min, said Shaangu could develop because of having talented employees at its head office, provincial branches, and as its representatives abroad.

A provincial official who gave a testimony to Shaangu`s development was Zhang Li who noted that the company has been able to carry out sustainable development through innovations and corporate reforms.

In an effort to promote the company`s potentials, not less than 20 mass media, both at home and abroad, including five journalists from Indonesia, were invited to the event and to witness its newest products, both for domestic purposes and foreign markets.

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