New Delhi (ANTARA News) - Indonesian movies are highly awaited in India, given the two countries share several similarities, Indonesia`s Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to India Sidharto Suryodipuro stated.

"Film is an artwork. There are artists, actresses, actors, directors, and objects in one frame. A movie is a medium to tell about us, and it is a window to promote us. Through a film, the people will be able to see the cultural similarities and differences, all of which will attract the audience in India," Ambassador Suryodipuro noted at the opening of the Delhi International Film Festival (DIFF) held at the Indonesian Embassy in New Delhi, India, on Sunday night (Oct 14).

The ambassador stressed that Indonesian films had huge potential in India, given the two countries share a close relationship established since a long time and even before Indonesia`s independence.

"Our relationship has been established since one to two thousand years, and even since the time of Mahabharata and we do not know when it was. Those are the roots of the India-Indonesia relationship," Suryodipuro remarked.

From this history, Suryodipuro is optimistic that Indonesia and India, which have several aspects in common, would establish deeper cooperation. Hence, films will serve as one of the media to promote cultural diplomacy to introduce all matters regarding Indonesia to India.

According to the ambassador, Indonesia has numerous rich dimensions to be discussed and introduced to people across the world. He pointed out that a film titled "Susah Sinyal" by Ernest Prakasa was shot in Sumba Island in East Nusa Tenggara to introduce Indonesia to the world.

"Surely, there is always a side of Indonesia that can serve as a window for outsiders to see," Suryodipuro noted.

He said movies of various genres highlighting Indonesia can be showcased internationally, especially in India. Ambassador Suryodipuro remarked that Indonesia`s vast potential can be introduced through films that will lead to further cooperation between the two countries.

Reporting by Aditya Ramadhan
Editing by Libertina, Fardah Assegaf

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