Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Social Affairs increased assistance services for refugees from the Mount Ruang eruption in Sitaro Islands District, North Sulawesi Province, who had to be evacuated to refugee camps outside the island.

Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini, on Friday, stated that her ministry, through the Tumou Tou Center in Manado City and the post on Siau Island, is ready to provide the basic needs of refugees, starting from food, first aid treatment, to psychosocial assistance for children.

"We increased our service at Tumou Tou center and the post on Siau Island due to another relocation last night, considering that the last eruption was quite high. We are preparing for additional refugees," she noted.

As of Thursday evening (May 2), the Tumou Tou Manado Center received 25 refugees via the North Minahasa Munte Port.

Meanwhile, on Siau Island, the post received 33 refugees who were placed in two shelters, namely the West Siau 1 State High School, with 12 people, and 31 people accommodated at the Kadademehe Ondong Siau Hall.

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Through the Tumou Tou Center, the ministry has provided 266 packs of food delivery services during the day and 284 at night for every refugee around Manado City, both those who have taken refuge in refugee camps and residents' homes. Meanwhile, on Siau Island, the ministry prepares 100 packs of food on a daily basis for the refugees.

Apart from food, the ministry has also prepared treatment for injured refugees before receiving referrals for further treatment, Rismaharini stated.

The minister remarked that for child refugees, her side has provided psychosocial assistance services involving psychologists who are placed in refugee centers and evacuation posts. On April 30, 2024, Mount Ruang erupted, spewing volcanic ash up to five kilometers (km) in height from its crater, with a gray ash column heading toward the east and south.

The Volcanological Survey of Indonesia (PVMBG) raised Mount Ruang's status from Level III (Alert) to Level IV (Caution) on the same day.

On Thursday, the BNPB said it is targeting to evacuate all residents affected by the Mount Ruang eruption to a safe place within the next three days.

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