Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) only has 30 days to find the second black box of the ill-fated Lion Air JT 610 aircraft as its sign will only stand for 30 days after the plane crashed, KNKT investigator Ony Suryo Wibowo said here on Thursday.

"The battery will last only 30 days and so we must work faster to find the other black box. We will deploy all personnel we have," he said at a press conference.

He said KNKT would deploy all its air transportation investigators and also ask for assistance from sea transportation investigators as well as external investigators totalling up to 30.

Ony said the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) is put in the back cabin near the kitchen. He said so far no confirmation had been made if the black box found that day was CVR or Flight Data Recorder (FDR).

Explaining the chronology of the discovery of the black box Ony said that National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) members consisting of personnel from the US, Boeing, FederalAviation Administration and General Electric (GE) had coordinated with KNKT before the first black box was discovered.

At 10.05am a Crash Surviveabkd Memory Unit (CSMU) was found by KNKT team in cooperation with BPPT (Technology Assessment and Application Agency), the Navy and Basarnas (National Search and Rescue Agency).

At 11.17 five personnel from NTSB Team moved to Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) II to see debris that was collected there accompanied by two personnel from KNKT.

CSMU that was found was then handed over to KNKT and Basarnas. At 7.10pm CSMU arrived at KNKT and kept in a safe place.

Reporting by Juwita Trisna Rahayu
Editing by Yoseph Hariyadi

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Editor: Heru Purwanto
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