Pontianak, W Kalimantan, (ANTARA News) - Water Police of West Kalimantan Region foiled an attempt to smuggle 2,609 crabs that were laying eggs, to Sarawak, Malaysia.

"Efforts to disrupt the smuggling of crabs through illegal roads in Bengkayang District," said the West Kalimantan Regional Police Chief, Inspector General (Pol) Didi Haryono in Pontianak on Wednesday.

In the case, three suspects were secured, namely the initials Li (crab owner), Ni (worker), Hen (worker) , currently undergoing an examination at the Police Headquarters of West Kalimantan Regional Police.

"Based on calculations by the Fish Quarantine Center and Pontianak Fish Quality Control, from one female crab laying eggs can produce millions of crab eggs so that with 2,609 tails or Rp182 million if sold in Malaysia, those who were rescued could save 3.9 billion potential new crab candidates , "he said.

The disclosure of 16 smuggling baskets containing egg crabs on Tuesday (11/13) at around 00:30 a.m. was loaded in the KB 1937 WK pickup truck by the three suspects, with TKP Jalan Raya Sanggau Ledo, Bengkayang District by the Sub-Directorate Unit II Action Gakkum West Kalimantan Police Headquarters.

On that occasion, the West Kalimantan Regional Police Chief appealed to the public to quickly report if they saw any suspicious or illegal activity, so that the law could be processed as soon as applicable.

He added, the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries since December 27, 2016 imposed a ban on the sending or capture of spawning crabs based on Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries No. 56 / PERMEN / KP / 2016 concerning Prohibition of Catching and or Expending Lobster, Crab and Crab from the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

According to him, the issuance of the ban is closely related to maintaining the habitat of female mangrove crabs or laying hens which if no restrictions or controls are taken in catching or shipping, it can be ascertained that the habitat of mangrove crabs in Indonesian waters will be extinct.

According to data and research from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, one female mangrove crab which spawns eggs has very high economic value because prices on the market can be 100 percent higher than the price of ordinary crabs, he said.

So, according to him, the National Police as a state apparatus of law enforcement has an obligation and authority based on the Act to participate in efforts to control and supervise the capture or shipment of female crabs, so as not to become extinct.

Reporting by Teguh and Andilala

Editing by Eliswan

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