Batam, Riau Islands (ANTARA News) - Batam City Administration has rejected an investor plan to import plastic waste, which would be processed into plastic ore, over fear that it would pollute the environment.

"We disagree with the plan. It does not mean that we reject investment, but we want to save the city for the next 20 years for our grandchildren, because today`s development should be enjoyed in the future," Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi said here on Tuesday.

An investor in plastic waste processing in Batam has applied the license to the Batam Free Trade Zone and Free Port Management Agency as the operator of the industrial zone.

Rudi reiterated that Batam government would support any investment, but it would need to evaluate all aspects of the investment before approving them.

"Basically, we are open for investment, but we should not only think about money. The impact of the investment must be taken into account," he added.

According to the mayor, some 30 percent of the plastic waste would remain as non-degradable waste after processing.

"These plastic would be processed into plastic ore. Some 30 percent of the result is also plastic waste. We asked them what we can do with the waste, and they have no answer," he stated.

Even if the plastic waste is destroyed using high temperature, it would release toxic substances that would harm people.

"Of course, it is the local people who will inhale (the polluted air)," the mayor pointed out.

Reporting by Jannatun Naim
Editing by Sri Haryati, Bustanuddin

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