Tellkomsel cooperates with Microsoft to launch educational program

Tellkomsel cooperates with Microsoft  to launch educational program

Telkomsel's VP of Sales & Marketing for Java-Bali Area Ericson Sibagariang (right) chats with Microsoft Indonesia Education Lead Benny Kusuma (central) and Telkomsel's GM of SME Product Marketing Wahid Kusumadji (left ) on the sideline of the launch of Microsoft Office 365 Education for education community in Surabaya, East Java, on Tuesday (27/11/2018). ANTARA FOTO/Zabur Karuru/hp.

Surabaya, E Java  (ANTARA News) - An Indonesian wireless network provider, Telkomsel, has collaborated with Microsoft to launch Microsoft Office 365 Education to make teaching and learning process more efficient, innovative, and dynamic.

Telkomsel`s Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Java-Bali Area, Ericson Sibagariang, stated here on Tuesday that this cooperation aims to improve the quality of human resources in mastering technology.

"The Microsoft Office 365 Education service is also aimed at encouraging educational staff members in Indonesia to continue to follow the development of digital technology," Sibagariang told reporters.

In addition, this collaboration is also a commitment by the companies that care about education, by improving Indonesian human resources quality and ensuring they have competence in technology and the ability to compete in the global arena.

Education Lead of PT Microsoft Indonesia, Benny Kusuma, noted that the features provided by Microsoft Office 365 have many advantages, including leading-edge technology that supports teaching and learning process and Student Use Benefit Programs.

These programs allow students in one school to get a Microsoft Office 365 license free of charge, according to certain conditions.

In addition, the Microsoft Office 365 program also has several features, such as OneNote Class Notebook to create digital classes with an easy and fun learning experience for teachers and students.

There is also Microsoft Form that allows a school to have a computer-based testing system by utilizing question banks made by teachers or question banks shared by other teachers.

"With Microsoft Form, teachers can directly evaluate tests and store the results digitally. The use of this digital system will facilitate teachers as it reduces paper-based administration," Kusuma explained.

Meanwhile, another feature, Office Mix, is useful for making presentations more lively and interactive with recording slides, flipped classrooms, and ppt-mp4.

There are also some features, namely online quizzes and Skype for Business, which are able to create virtual classes with instructors from around the world using Skype; Outlook feature, which integrates email, calendar, contacts, and Skype; and One Drive feature as a place to store digital data.

"We hope that this service can create collaboration between teachers and students wherever and whenever, and produce their best works," Kusuma revealed.

Telkomsel hoped that 12 thousand schools and higher educational institutions in Java and Bali would use the program.

At present, there are 253 thousand schools and educational institutions, with 56 million students and more than one million teachers, in Java and Bali.

Reporting by A Malik Ibrahim, Libertina W Ambari
Editing by Suharto