Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ignasius Jonan claimed his salary was not adequate to buy a private electric car.

"I am asked to buy an electric car to set an example first. How could I buy an electric car of the Marcy S Class, which is sold at Rp5 billion each, when my salary is not adequate," the minister jokingly said at an Energy Forum 2018 here on Thursday.

However, Jonan admitted to having owned an electric motorbike worth Rp15 million. At least, this will be the first step to begin the electric vehicle era.

The minister also explained that the high price of electric vehicles in Indonesia remains one of the constraints to embark on the industrial electrification.

However, the massive production of electric vehicles could happen if the electric car developers in Indonesia are given incentives, he added.

Of course, it should also be supported by the development of recharging stations (SPBU) which, in fact, have been established in a number of regions.

Meanwhile, if the era of electric vehicles does not start, then it is estimated that oil and gas imports could double by 2025.

"There is no need to buy electric vehicles now, but we can begin by using electric stoves. It is cheap too, and now it has been on the market. That can reduce the use of gas," he remarked.

Efforts to encourage the development of electric vehicles have been made by the government to reduce the burden of oil and gas imports, while also reducing gas emissions.

Reporting by Afut Syafril Nursyirwan


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