Convict rents room for love making with wife

Convict rents room for love making with wife

illustration of prison (ANTARA News / Insan Faizin Mub)

Bandung, W. Java, (ANTARA News) - A graft convict in the Sukamiskin prison, Bandung, West Java, Fahmi Darmawansyah has built a room for love making.

Fahmi used the room with his wife when she came to visit him in the prison and he also rented the room to other convicts for the same purpose at a price of Rp650,000, Andri Rahmat, who is an aide of Fahmi said.

"Yes, it was rented for Rp650,000," Andri told the Bandung district court on Wednesday.

He said the room is about 2x3 meters in the Sukamiskin prison complex. The room was originally a toilet and a godown.

He said he was told by Fahmi to renovate the godown into a room for husband wife to have sexual intercourse.

The warden of the Sukamiskin prison Wahid Husen knew the renovation, he said.

In the beginning it was used only by Fahmi alone, Andri said.

"Yes, for Fahmi and his wife (Inneke Koesherawati) only," he said.

However, as there were many other convicts (wanting to use the room) Andri was told by Fahmi to manage and rent the room, Andri said adding there were seven other convicts, who had rented the room.

When the judge asked him who else who had used the room, Andri named only three persons.

"Sanusi, Suparman, and Umar, they are friends of Fahmi," he said.

The room was furnished only spring bed and a small bathroom and toilet.

"No other facility. Only a spring bed, toilet. No air conditioner," he said.

Reporting by Asep Firmansyah, Albert Saragih
Editing by Suharto