President launches construction of Aceh toll road

President launches construction of Aceh toll road

President Joko Widodo launches Banda Aceh-Sigli toll road construction in Aceh Besar on Friday (14/12/2018). (Bayu Prasetyo)

Aceh Besar, Aceh  (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the construction of the Banda Aceh-Sigli toll road on Friday in an effort to facilitate the mobility of goods and people and generate economic growth in Aceh Province.

"This afternoon, we will hold a groundbreaking ceremony to inaugurate the start of the construction of the toll road, which will extend from Aceh (in the western tip of Sumatra) to Lampung (in the eastern part of the island)," the President said while inaugurating the Banda Aceh-Sigli toll road in Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar, on Friday.

According to the President, he believed in the hard work of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, related state-owned companies, and a number of regional heads and was convinced that the construction would proceed smoothly.

The Head of State explained that toll road development required encouragement from the regional head, the district head, mayor and governor in clearing the land needed for the toll road.

"Toll road construction always faces problems everywhere and the problem is related to land clearance," Jokowi said.

The Sigli-Banda Aceh toll road project is planned to be 74 kilometers long.

Data from the National Land Agency (BPN) showed that the construction of toll roads passes through 78 "gampongs" or villages spread across two districts in Aceh.

According to PT Hutama Karya, the construction of the Sigli-Banda Aceh Toll Road section is divided into six sections, consisting of 13 kilometers of Indrapuri-Blang Bintang, eight kilometers of the Blang Bintang-Kutobaro section and five kilometers of the Kutobaro-Simpang Baitus section.

The other sections are Padang Tiji-Seulimeum, with a length of 26 kilometers, the Seulimeum-Jantho section, which is six kilometers long, and the Jantho-Indrapuri section, which is 16 kilometers long.

Besides the toll roads, which connect Banda Aceh with Sigli, the construction of turnpikes will also be carried out in the Sigli - Lhokseumawe section (135 kilometers), the Lhokseumawe - Langsa section (135 kilometers) and the Langsa-Binjai section, with a length of 110 kilometers.

In addition to toll roads, the President also inaugurated a number of national strategic projects, namely the construction of the At Taqarrub Mosque in Pidie Jaya District, the Simpang Surabaya flyover in Banda Aceh, and the Arun Special Economic Zone in Lhokseumawe.

Reporting by Bayu Prasetyo, Andi Abdussalam
Editing by Andi Abdussalam