Death toll from Sunda Strait tsunami rises to 334

Death toll from Sunda Strait tsunami rises to 334

Funeral of Sunda Strait tsunami's victim. (Dok. Kecamatan Kembangan)

Pandeglang, Banten  (ANTARA News) - The death toll from a tsunami that engulfed the Sunda Strait in the Indonesian province of Banten on Saturday night rose to 334 on Monday, according to the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas).

The death toll might increase, as many people were still missing, Fahrizal, spokesman for Basarnas, remarked.

Quoting a report received from the field at 11 a.m. local time on Monday, he said a total of 764 people were injured, while 61 others were still missing.

The tsunami hit 17 places including Carita, Panimbang, Cigeulis, Sumur, Labuan, Tanjung Lesung, Cibaliung, Cimanggu, Pagelaran, Bojong, Anyer, Sangiang Island, Menes, Hampeleum Island, Banyuasin, and OSC Lampung, he noted.

The tsunami killed 74 people in Panimbang, 70 in Carita, 55 in OSC Lampung, 46 in Tanjung Lesung, 38 in Sumur, and 12 each in Labuan and Anyer.

He said Basarnas, along with relevant agencies, were still searching for other victims at several tsunami-hit places.

"We hope that all tsunami victims would be found and identified," he added.

Reporting by Mansyur, Suharto