Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Ministry of Manpower has launched an application for the Indonesian Migrant Workers Information System called the SIPMI to improve services and protection of Indonesian migrant workers.

SIPMI is an Android and iOS-based mobile application that can be downloaded in both the play store or app store and is believed to be able to improve the service and protection of Indonesian migrant workers.

"This is a community-based forum where everything associated with migrant workers can be integrated directly through a digital-based platform," Minister of Manpower M Hanif Dhakiri said in a statement received in Jakarta on Thursday.

He revealed that the application can be used by prospective migrant workers, migrant workers, full migrant workers, the government, and all parties related to the development of migrant workers? issues.

The application is also hoped to be a communicative source of information from the government to the migrant workers.

"There is information related to regulations, procedures and processes for overseas migration as well as the conditions of the destination country for migration and so forth," Dhakiri remarked.

The application, he continued, could be easily accessed and used by everyone, especially workers both at home and abroad.

As a community-based forum, SIPMI provides several facilities, such as chat through private networks and groups, and it can also be used to communicate with family.

"So, this is a special and specific path for Indonesian migrant workers. Through this application, the government can also absorb various aspirations from the migrant workers," he added.

This application is one of the government`s efforts to get closer to stakeholders related to migration, especially the workers themselves.

SIPMI is also equipped with a panic button. Should someone be in an emergency situation, they can click the button and the application will send a notification to the nearest migrant worker.

"The hope is that there could be at least first-degree help," he pointed out.

Reporting by Aubrey Kandelila Fanani
Editing by Aria Cindyara, Andi Abdussalam

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