Central Java committed to developing gas-fueled mass transportation system

Central Java committed to developing gas-fueled mass transportation system

C Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo (fifth from left), launches gas-fueled mass transportation system called Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Trans Jateng that serves Purwokerto-Purbalingga lane at the Bulu Pitu Purwokerto Bus Terminal in Banyumas, C Java, on Aug 8, 2018. (ANTARA FOTO/Idhad Zakaria/kye/18)

Semarang, C Java (ANTARA News) - The Central Java provincial government is committed to developing gas-fueled mass transportation modes to make the province environmentally friendly and to help reduce congestion.

"(As part of the commitment) today, we launched the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Trans Semarang using gas fuel. We hope this would be part of our endeavors to reduce exhaust gas emissions," Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo stated here on Wednesday, Jan 9.

Speaking in connection with the oil-to-gas conversion program applied to modes of public transportation, he noted that the province had yet to take several steps to improve its system.

"First, we will again reduce the use of fuel oil and then make maximum use of gas, so that exhaust gas emissions will be more friendly," he noted.

The governor made the remarks after attending the grand launch of the BRT Trans Semarang converter program and the signing of a joint commitment on the development of road-based mass public transportation system.

He said Japan had since long developed environmentally friendly and electrically powered mass transportation system.

"Central Java also has BRT. In future, we will encourage it to develop into (a gas-fueled transport system) like that. We will continue to develop it and cooperate with Japan," he noted.

Reporting by Wisnu Adhi Nugroho, Suharto
Editing by Fardah