Floods submerge South Sulawesi`s over 13 thousand hectares rice fields

Floods submerge South Sulawesi`s over 13 thousand hectares rice fields

A house was swept away by flooding in South Sulawesi, on Tuesday (Jan 22, 2019). ANTARA FOTO/Abriawan Abhe/aww.

Makassar, S Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - Flash floods submerged 13,792 hectares of rice fields in the districts of Maros and Gowa in South Sulawesi Province.

In Maros, a total of 8,332 hectares of rice fields were flooded, while 5,469 hectares in Gowa, Fitriani, head of the agriculture office of South Sulawesi, stated here, Wednesday.

"Hopefully, the floods would subside and not last for more than four days, so paddy plants will not be destroyed," she stated.

Flooding has affected farming areas in the sub-districts of Mandai, Maros, Tanralili, and Bantimurung in Maros District.

In Gowa, three sub-districts, including Bajeng and Parangloe, were inundated.

Meanwhile, Social Affairs Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita has ordered to dispatch logistics aid and rescue officers to six districts and a city in South Sulawesi Province hit by flash floods.

"The team has moved to the locations. Some 450 personnel will help the process to evacuate flood victims," he stated here, Wednesday.

The logistics aid worth Rp874,517,200 comprises food, beverages, blankets, kitchenware, and clothing, among other things.

Flash floods hit the districts of Gowa, Maros, Pangkep, Barru, Jeneponto, and Sopeng, as well as Makassar City.

One hundred personnel were deployed in Gowa, 200 in Makassar, and 50 each in Pangkep and Barru. The ministry also deployed two rubber boats in Gowa and one in Makassar.

Gowa is the worst hit by flooding triggered by incessant heavy rains over the last two days. Jeneberang River, the longest river in South Sulawesi, also overflowed its bank.

The floods displaced 2,121 residents of Gowa and some one thousand others in Makassar.

They are currently being accommodated in mosques and local government offices, among others.

Two public kitchens have been set up in Makassar and one in Gowa.

Reporting by Abdul Kadir, fardah