"Indonesia will be at number four in our generation."
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Papua New Guinea is keen to take a cue from Indonesia, as its role model, on ways to boost economic development and enhance partnerships in the Pacific region.

Papua New Guinea's Minister of Foreign Affairs Rimbink Pato opined that his country would be able to derive immense economic benefits by learning from Indonesia about the principles of peace, friendship, and partnership among countries in the Pacific region.

"Indonesia will be at number four in our generation," Pato remarked during the Indonesia South Pacific Forum (ISPF) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia's Pancasila Building, Jakarta, on Thursday.

Pato said several international experts had estimated that Indonesia would become the fourth-largest economy after China, India, and the United States, with a gross domestic product of US$10.1 billion.

He added that Indonesia will become a globally influential country, especially in the Indo-Pacific region.

"Many developing countries in the Pacific region can really learn a lot and observe how Indonesia develops its new sectors, apart from agriculture and maritime, to become economically modern and dynamic," Pato noted.

The minister also lauded Indonesia's efforts to be more involved in the cooperation with South Pacific countries, which hold huge potential in the areas of economy, trade, and investment.

"Those countries see a great opportunity for cooperation with Indonesia, which has several cultures and races but still maintains its unity to become a global player," Pato stated.

The ISPF is a forum for government officials and entrepreneurs from 14 countries in the South Pacific region to strengthen their cooperation.


Translator: Azizah F., Safira Haliza
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