Palu (ANTARA) - The bodies of three suspected terrorists in Poso, Central Sulawesi province, who were shot by the Tinombala Task Force team in Air Teh Hamlet, Salumarate Village, Sausu District, Parigi Moutong District, Thursday (21/3), were evacuated from the scene on Friday evening.

The Central Sulawesi Regional Police Chief Brigadier General Lukman Wahyu Hariyanto, in Sausu Village, Friday, said that after being evacuated from the site, the bodies were then taken to the Bhayangkara Palu Hospital for identification.

"The identification process will be carried out to ensure the three bodies are in accordance with the names released," said the former East Kalimantan Regional Police Chief.

The Kapolda reluctantly gave an explanation of any evidence that was successfully secured by the post-shooter officer.

The bodies of the three suspected terrorists put on the wanted list were identified as Andi Muhamad alias Abdullah from Makassar, Jaka Ramadhan alias Ikrima from Banten, and Alhaji Kaliki aka Ibrohim from Ambon.

But on Friday night, the Central Sulawesi Regional Police corrected the names of the victims circulating in the media since Thursday (21/3) afternoon and stated that after being re-identified, the three victims were Andi Muhammad alias Abdul Rahman from Makassar, South Sulawesi; Al Haji Kaliki aka Ibrohim from West Seram, Maluku; and Alqindi Mutaqien aka Muas from Riau.

Before being taken to the Central Sulawesi Police Bhayangkara Hospital, the three bodies were taken to Sausu Sub-District Police Station at around 17.20 WITA (Eastern Indonesian standard Time) by the Tinombala Task Force evacuator team using a hearse.

At the Sausu police station, the police chief turned his body without lowering him from the ambulance to confirm the existence of the three bodies, considering the condition of the corpses for almost two days at the scene.

"After the armed conflict, the Tinombala Task Force continued to pursue the remaining terror suspects put on the wanted list under the leadership of Ali Kalora," he said.

The third evacuation process of the suspected terrorist's corpse received strict security from the Parigi Moutong Police Resort.

In the evacuation process, the Tinombala Task Force evacuation team was divided into two groups; the first group departed at 07.00 WITA (Friday) using operational vehicles, while the second team departed at 13.30 WITA to the scene of the crime, while the Sausu Police where three hearses were alerted, were guarded by the authorities.

Central Sulawesi Regional Police Chief Brigadier General Lukman Wahyu Hariyanto and the 132 / Tadulako Palu Military Command Inf. Col. Agus Sasmita arrived in Sausu on Friday afternoon at 11:24 WITA via a helicopter.

When journalists asked whether the existence of the MIT group disrupted the security situation during the election, the Regional Police Chief said, "The election will not be tomorrow," he said.

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