VP discusses plan to build Indonesian Hospital in Hebron

VP discusses plan to build Indonesian Hospital in Hebron

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President Jusuf Kalla and leaders of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) on Monday discussed the plan to build the Indonesian Hospital in Hebron, the West Bank, Palestine.

"This is because the area, with a population of 800 thousand people, of which some 200 thousand are Jews and 600 thousand are Arabs, has yet to have a special trauma healing hospital," Muhyidin Junaidi, chairman of the committee for construction of the Indonesian Hospital in Hebron (RSIH), noted.

Speaking to journalists after the 60-minute meeting with the vice president in Jakarta on Monday, Junaidi, who is also head of MUI's head of international relations, noted that the hospital will serve all residents in Hebron.

"Currently, the Arabs have received discriminative treatment by Israelis in the hospital in Hebron," he noted.

The Indonesian Hospital is expected to relieve the suffering of the Arabs in Palestine, he added.

The hospital will be built on an endowment land measuring four thousand square meters, with a total cost of some US$7 million.

Muhyidin noted that the local government will help the MUI to check the legal documents of the land.

Vice President Kalla has fully supported the plan to build the RSIH.

"He (Jusuf Kalla) said, (this plan) should be well-executed, and he shared his optimism for this humanitarian mission," Muhyidin added.


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