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Pekanbaru (ANTARA) - The Religious Affairs Ministry's Director General of Hajj and Umrah Organizations imposed sanctions on five umrah service providers, and revoked the permits of two of them -- PT. Joe Penta Wisata (operates in Riau), and PT. Bumi Minang Pertiwi (in West Sumatra).

"Two licenses have been revoked, and three umrah service providers have been given written warnings," the Director of Special Hajj and Umrah, Arfi Hatim, was quoted by the Riau Regional Office of Religion Public Relations, Musdhalifah, as saying in a press statement in Pekanbaru on Tuesday.

The sanctions were imposed as a form of law enforcement for every violation committed by the umrah service providers, and adjusted to the violations that had been carried out by them.

The permit revocation was granted because the two umrah companies had failed to dispatch the pilgrims, Musdhalifah said, adding that a total of more than two thousand pilgrims failed to leave for Mecca.

"PT. Bumi Minang Pertiwi's permit has been revoked because it failed to dispatch more than a thousand Umrah pilgrims and PT. Joe Penta Wisata failed to dispatch hundreds of pilgrims," he said.

He explained that even though their Umrah license was revoked, PT. Bumi Minang Pertiwi and PT. Joe Penta Wisata still had an obligation to settle their responsibilities toward the pilgrims, either by returning their money or dispatching the pilgrims who have finally registered with other umrah companies.

Meanwhile, the umrah service providers that had received written warnings were PT. Bahtera Nurani Pratama, PT. Sutra Tour Hidayah and PT. Mubina Fifa Mandiri. They were considered violating provisions of the standard service provided during the administration of Umrah religious services as stipulated by law.

"Do not repeat the violation because it will lead to greater sanctions, including freezing permits, and sanctions imposed to provide a deterrent effect and not be carried out by other umrah service providers," he said.

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