The human development index in 2018 increased, as all of its components improved,
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded that Indonesia's human development index (IPM) showed an upward movement, shooting up 0.58 points to 71.30 points in 2018 than a year earlier.

"The human development index in 2018 increased owing to an improvement in all its components," BPS Chief Suhariyanto remarked at a press conference at the BPS Office in Jakarta on Monday.

The IPM combines three key dimensions of a long and healthy life: life expectancy at birth; education index: mean and expected years of schooling; and a decent standard of living.

Suhariyanto pointed out that in terms of a long and healthy life, infants born in 2018 had a life expectancy of close to 71.20 years, 0.14 years longer than those with the birth year of 2017.

In the earlier eight years, Indonesia had succeeded in boosting its people's life expectancy to 71.20 years in 2018, as compared to 69.81 years in 2010, the BPS chief stated.

Suhariyanto further noted that children aged seven in 2018 were able to avail the opportunity of gaining education for 12.91 years, 0.06 years longer than those born a year earlier.

On an average, Indonesian citizens in the age group of 25 years and above did their schooling for 8.17 years, 0.07 years longer than in the earlier year, he added.

Suhariyanto stated that in 2018, Indonesian citizens had spent Rp11.06 million, on an average, to meet their life necessities than Rp395 thousand in the previous year.

Translator: M Razi Rahman, Suharto
Editor: Sri Haryati
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