Ex-rector appeals to Indonesia's inter-faith communities to stand firm

Ex-rector appeals to Indonesia's inter-faith communities to stand firm

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Ex-rector of Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic University Prof. Komaruddin Hidayat, drawing reference to the ghastly terrorist attacks on Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, urged inter-faith communities in Indonesia to stand firm in the fight against terrorism.

"The synchronized wave of bombings in Sri Lanka are testament to the fact that radical and terrorist movements are rampant everywhere," Komaruddin Hidayat told ANTARA here, Monday, while speaking in response to the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday.

Those behind the Sri Lanka bombings and the latest mosque attack in New Zealand were targeting people at houses of worship. Such terror acts can trigger doubts and hate against particular religions, he cautioned.

The atrocity targeting several churches on Easter Sunday could offend Christians worldwide and trigger condemnation against the terrorists' faiths, as religions transcend physical boundaries of nations and countries, he pointed out.

Hence, Hidayat cautioned of tensions arising among adherents of different faiths in case the incident was not handled optimally, further calling on the Sri Lankan government to take serious note of this and take the necessary steps.

The Government of Sri Lanka's apt handling of this atrocity will ensure that it does not serve as a precursor to other devastating acts aiming to undermine the nation's solidarity. The government and citizens of New Zealand had demonstrated their ability to aptly deal with the deadly mosque attack.

Consequently, several nations across the globe extended their sympathies and support to members of the Muslim community in New Zealand, Hidayat noted.

CNN's report showed that the synchronized wave of bombings on churches and hotels on Easter Sunday that officials term "a brand-new type of terrorism" has killed at least 290 people, including several foreign nationals.

The Government of Indonesia has expressed its strong condemnation to the coordinated bombings and extended deep condolences to the victims and their families.

According to a press statement made available to ANTARA, Sunday, the Indonesian Embassy in Colombo has continued to review developments in the situation and maintained coordination with local security authorities, hospitals, and local Indonesian citizen associations.

The Indonesian Foreign Ministry has given a confirmation of no Indonesian citizens falling victims to the bombing attacks.

Some 374 Indonesian citizens live in Sri Lanka, of which 140 are domiciled in the capital city of Colombo. EDITED BY INE