BPS records 51.09 percent surge in Maluku's exports

BPS records 51.09 percent surge in Maluku's exports

Export of tuna fish from Maluku. (ANTARA/Alex Sariwating)

Ambon, Maluku (ANTARA) - The Maluku Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) reported that the province had posted exports valued at US$0.84 million in March 2019,or a 51.09 percent rise, than $0.55 million in February.

"Maluku's cumulative export value during the January-March 2019 period was recorded at $2.51 million, or an increase of 118.83 percent than the corresponding period in 2018," Head of the Maluku Provincial Statistics Agency Dumangar Hutauruk noted in Ambon on Friday.

The non-oil and gas sector had contributed to Maluku's exports in March 2019. Export destination countries in March 2019 comprised Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore, and Malaysia, with Japan leading with $0.31 million.

Hutauruk noted that Maluku's commodity exports conducted from outside the province in March 2019 had totaled $2.07 million in March 2019, or an increase of 61 percent than that recorded in February 2019.

Cumulatively, Maluku's commodities exported from ports outside the province during the January-March period had reached $3.89 million, a decrease of 65.80 percent than the corresponding period in 2018.

Hutauruk revealed that Maluku's exports between January and March 2019 constituted fish and shrimp varieties, specifically groupers, yellow fin tuna, and crabs.

"Maluku's exports in March 2019 were conducted through several ports, specifically the Yos Soedarso Port and Pattimura Airport in Ambon City," he remarked.

Dumangar pointed out that the volume of Maluku's exports in March 2019 had reached 0.10 thousand tons, or a 66.98 percent rise than the volume of fish and shrimp exports in February.