Kendari, SE Sulawesi (ANTARA) - The Southeast Sulawesi's General Election Commission (KPU) has emphasized that despite transparency in vote recapitulating calculations at the plenary meeting, those discontented with the election results can go through official channels to sue.

Chairman of the province's KPU La Ode Abdul Natsir remarked in Kendari on Tuesday that in spite of the stage-wise holding of the Plenary Meeting in Southeast Sulawesi Province on May 8-12, 2019, and having officially ended, a certain section of the public are dissatisfied and are allowed to sue in line with existent procedures.

"It is beyond a doubt that the results of the vote recapitulation plenary meeting that concluded two days back have been very transparent and have not been covered up," he noted.

Ojo, the nickname of the Head of the Southeast Sulawesi KPU, remarked that during the General Elections in Southeast Sulawesi, both the election of District- and City-level Legislative Assembly (DPRDs), Provincial DPRDs, the Central Legislative Assembly (DPR ) RI, the Regional Representative Body (DPD), and the election of the president and vice president proceeded in a transparent, honest, fair, and democratic manner.

"Thus, the entire series of electoral processes in Southeast Sulawesi, so far, were implemented democratically, honestly, and fairly. If some parties are not satisfied by certain aspects linked to these results, I urge them to go through the existing legal channels," he noted.

Ojo further called on the people having issues over the implementation of the stages of the election to proceed through official channels, including the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu).

The public can report any findings concerning violations of the code of ethics by the General Election organizers to the Election Organizers Honor Council (DKPP).

The results of the plenary meeting for the Indonesian legislative candidates that passed were Ridwan Bae from Golkar, who acquired 97,602 votes with 203,794 votes of political parties; Hugua from PDIP winning 70,741 with 183,197 votes of political parties; Rusda Mahmud of the Democratic Party securing 97,806 votes with 163,684 political votes; Fachri Pahlefi Konggoasa from PAN pocketing 101,727 votes with158,621 political party votes; Imran from Gerindra garnering 60,902 votes with 151,872 votes of political parties; and Tina Nur Alam from Nasdem securing 39,076 votes with 95,522 political party votes.

At the plenary meeting of the Regional Representative Council of Southeast Sulawesi, Andi Nirwana Tafdil got the highest number of votes, reaching 130,124; followed by Amirul Tamim, with 73,399 votes; Wa Ode Rabia Al Adawia Ridwan, with 62,052 votes; and the fourth place was occupied by Dewa Putu Ardika Seputra, with 52,480 votes.

Translator: Eliswan Azly
Editor: Sri Haryati
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