Eggi detained to prevent him from fleeing, removing evidence: police

Eggi detained to prevent him from fleeing, removing evidence: police

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The detention of treason suspect Eggi Sudjana on Tuesday was based upon investigators seeking to prevent him from fleeing the country and removing evidence, according to Jakarta Police officials.

"This is the investigators' subjective consideration, to prevent him from removing evidence, redo the act or flee," a spokesman of the Jakarta Police Senior Commissioner, Argo Yuwono, said here on Wednesday.

Eggi, he said, would be detained for 20 days following a series of investigation procedures, until the police deliver an arrest warrant.

"When we delivered the arrest warrant, the investigator read it out to make sure that the suspect could understand it. But the suspect (Eggi) refused to sign the arrest warrant," Yuwono added, as he claimed that he is in the process of submitting pretrial motions for his case.

In addition, the activist and lawyer argued that investigators have yet to question witnesses since he was named a suspect.

"There are some witnesses, and he want them to be questioned. The third argument is regarding his capacity as a lawyer," Yuwono said.

He noted that Eggi has the right to propose a suspension of his detention. "It would be within the authority of investigators to approve it or not."

Eggi Sudjana was reported to the police on April 19 by Supriyanto, a volunteer for the Jokowi-Ma'ruf presidential pair, over alleged incitement in a speech he delivered on April 17 that went viral in social media calling for "people power".

When questioned by the Jakarta Police on April 26, Eggi denied accusations that the call for people power was an act of treason. On April 29, he was again grilled by the police with 116 questions.

Eggi was named a suspect due to treason charges and summoned for further questioning on Monday (13/5).