KPU points to election results merely showing vote tallies

KPU points to election results merely showing vote tallies

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The poll results compiled from national recapitulation until early Tuesday are yet in the form of vote tallies and not the announcement of elected candidates, General Election Commission (KPU) member Hasyim Asy'ari stated.

"At the event, the candidate emerging victorious in the presidential election has not yet been declared and solely the vote tallies of the candidate pairs are determined," he stated here on Tuesday.

He remarked that the election results that can be challenged in the Constitutional Court were votes that could potentially affect the acquisition of seats or elected candidates.

Any disputes over the election results can be brought up in the Constitutional Court (MK) during the 72-hour period, starting May 21, 2019, at 1:46 local time.

Asy'ari pointed out that in the event of no candidate challenging the election result in the Constitutional Court within 72 hours of the KPU's announcement, then the Commission can immediately declare the elected candidate.

"The KPU will seek or obtain confirmation from the court over the absence of an electoral lawsuit. Once confirmation is received from the Constitutional Court, the KPU proceeds to the next stage, which is the determination of election results in the form of elected candidate pairs under the KPU Decree," he stated.

If there is a claim about lawsuits on electoral disputes lodged in the Constitutional Court, then the KPU will follow the examination process and trial of the Constitutional Court.

"Once the trial concludes, the Constitutional Court's decision will be issued that is final and cannot be appealed. The KPU thereafter proceeds to the subsequent stage of declaring the final election results in the form of determining the elected candidate pair under the KPU Decree," he added.