Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Agency for Pancasila Ideology Development (BPIP's) Steering Committee member Mahfud MD is a firm believer of the fact that Indonesia's differences and diversity should be handled through a democratic mechanism to ensure equal opportunities for all.

"Diversity should be managed through democratic ways, as if too many differences are not managed democratically, it will be unfair," Mahfud MD stated after a ceremony to commemorate Pancasila Day at the Pancasila Building yard, the Foreign Ministry complex, Jakarta, Saturday.

Furthermore, the former chairperson of the Constitutional Court reiterated the significance of the law safeguarding democracy.

"It should be borne in mind this time that all problems in the democratic process should be handled through law," Mahfud noted.

Mahfud believes Pancasila has played a role in unifying the Indonesian people despite their differences, so all should always bear in mind to remain united despite our differences.

Speaking in connection with technological developments as one of the challenges highlighted by the president in his mandate as the ceremonial inspector, Mahfud believes that Indonesia should be able to adapt to every scientific and technological development.

The digital era has facilitated easier exchange of data among members of the global community across nations and exposure to other ideologies.

"Hence, if our own country is not responsive to this development, our people will interact more digitally with the outside world, resulting in slow and sure erosion of the values of nationalism," Mahfud, dressed in Madurese clothing, noted.

Translator: Eliswan Azly
Editor: Sri Haryati
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