Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Golongan Karya Party (Golkar) dispatched 1,580 travelers for free through the activity of 2019 Mudik Bareng (mass home returning) using 30 buses departing from the Golkar Party's head office on Jalan Anggrek Neli, Slipi, West Jakarta, on Sunday.

Golkar Party Secretary General Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Lodewijk Freidrich Paulus and Chairperson of the Republic of Indonesia Golkar Party faction, Adis Kadir and other ranks of the party, officially released the departure of travelers to their hometowns.

According to Lodewijk, going home together is the tradition of the Golkar Party which is carried out from year to year.

"This tradition is built on the concern of the Golkar Party to the citizens who will carry out homecoming or return to their homes," Lodewijk said in a press release received by Antara in Jakarta.

Lodewijk said the free homecoming of the Golkar party aims to ease the burden on travelers who want to celebrate Eid in their hometowns.

According to him, not a little expenditure in the atmosphere of Eid Al Fitr is spent by travelers, so the Golkar party is present to ease the burden.

"This year our need to use one mode for going home is land mode," he said.

In the free release of the Golkar party, Lodewijk asked travelers to maintain safety while on the trip and called on the traffic policemen to guard the homecoming groups well.

"Take care of security for both the drivers and their assistants , I asked to work together," he said.

Lodewijk reminded bus drivers not to force themselves when driving, if they are tired, prioritize rest in order to maintain passenger safety, then return to continue the journey when conditions have recovered.

"Do not impose speed, the rules are as far as I know if in a foreign country every two hours must rest but in Indonesia is instructed every four hours but please arrange with each condition," he said.

A total of 30 buses were prepared by the Golkar Party to transport 1,580 travelers to their hometowns on West Java, Central Java, East Java and Lampung routes.

Lodewijk representing the Golkar Party on this occasion delivered a happy Eid al-Fitr to travelers.

"We apologize to the heart and soul. The family in the village hopefully with the help of the Golkar Party, the friendship that is woven during homecoming can run smoothly safely and in an orderly manner," said Lodewijk.

Translator: Eliswan Azly
Editor: Bambang Purwanto
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