LRT Jakarta prioritizes streamlining ticketing system

LRT Jakarta prioritizes streamlining ticketing system

Jakarta (ANTARA) - City-owned transportation company PT LRT Jakarta has set its sights on improving its service, especially in connection with perfecting the ticketing system that has been a cause for concern.

The company's managing director, Allan Tandiono, pointed to the time taken to scan a ticket or the tap in and out process yet being a concern.

The process to scan tickets is time-consuming, thereby resulting in lengthy queues and inconvenience to passengers.

"If the ticket processing is slow, the queues will be spiraling, and our service will not be the best possible," Tandiono emphasized at the Velodrome Station in Jakarta, Tuesday, on the first day of the LRT Jakarta's free public trial run.

The ticketing service is one of the concerns during the free public trial run, starting on Tuesday (June 11).

In addition to the ticketing service, Tandiono remarked that the company had made numerous changes for the public trial run in accordance with inputs from those who had used the LRT during the limited operational trial for last year's Asian Games.

PT LRT Jakarta has raised the volume of public announcements in the station area and in trains.

"The public announcement was of lower volume, as we had sound engineers from Korea and Japan. People in those two countries do not want the announcements to be too loud, but for Indonesians, if the announcements are too low in volume, they can hardly hear it. Hence, we raise it (the volume)," Tandiono pointed out.

The LRT Jakarta track runs 5.8 kilometers from Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, to the Jakarta International Velodrome in East Jakarta.

Covering five stations, the operational hours are from 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. local time daily during the public trial run.

Interested passengers are required to firstly register on LRT Jakarta’s official website, by entering their personal information and selecting a date for booking a seat. Following online registration, they will be mailed an e-ticket that should bring along in exchange for a single-trip ticket at their closest LRT station.

The Jakarta administration had yet to decide on a date for LRT Jakarta to start commercial operations.

The Jakarta LRT has set a flat-rate fare of Rp5,000, (or 35 US cents), as stipulated in Gubernatorial Decree No. 34/2019 on MRT and LRT ticket prices.