Natuna to organize Senua Isle Festival

Natuna to organize Senua Isle Festival

Senua Isle Festival in Natuna District, Riau Islands in 2018. This year's event will be held on June 16. (ANTARA/Natuna Tourism Office)

Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands (ANTARA) - Natuna District will organize the Senua Isle Festival in Riau Islands Province, on Sunday (June 16), featuring varied water sports and traditional arts as well as a culinary bazaar.

Water sports competitions, including swimming, diving, and beach volleyball, will be held during the festival.

"Traditional culinary delicacies and arts of Natuna will be promoted at the festival," Buralimar, head of the Riau Island Tourism Office, remarked here on Wednesday.

Foreign yachts are expected to participate in the festival, akin to the earlier years.

"Some 20 yachts from various countries, such as Australia, pass through the waters of Anambas and Natuna annually. We are upbeat that they would be present during the Festival of Senua Isle on June 16," Buralimar remarked.

In addition to the Senua Isle Festival, Natuna will organize the Padang Melang Festival in Anambar in July 2019, Tour de Kepri in October 2019, and Bahari (Maritime) Festival in November this year.

Riau Islands Province has planned some 200 tourism events for 2019.

In the meantime, Indonesia has set a target of attracting some 20 million foreign tourists this year.

During the January-April 2019 period, the country had received 5.12 million foreign tourists, a 3.22 percent rise from 4.96 percent during the corresponding time frame in the previous year.

Of the total foreign tourists recorded in April 2019, Malaysia had contributed 256,303 visitors; China, 171,575; Singapore, 149,979; Timor Leste, 106,245; and Australia, 101,999 tourists.