We hope the fund would be optimally utilized that will eventually help boost the PADes and, at the end of the day, help the village become entirely independent
Banyumas, Central Java (ANTARA) - Rempoah Village in Banyumas District, Central Java, was adjudged as one of the 100 Best Villages in Indonesia in 2018 by Indonesia's Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration.

The ministry had also granted Rempoah the notable status of Independent Village in 2014.

As well as central of regional government and buffer zone of Tourism Zone Baturraden, Rempoah has adequate supporting economic infrastructure, including transportation and information and communication technology (ICT).

Sugeng Pujihartono, serving as the Rempoah village head since 2013, has been instrumental in Rempoah gaining the status of Independent Village.

Pujihartono recalled that since his early days as the village head, he was committed to realizing financial and social development in Rempoah.

"The village received Rp150 million of village fund from the ministry for rehabilitation of the Rempoah Market 2. Owing to the funding, the market's income rose notably, from Rp16 million per year up to Rp100 million annually," he pointed out.

After completion of the market rehabilitation, the Rempoah village government imposed a kiosk rental, tables for selling groceries in the market, and parking fees.

The Rempoah village government also established the Village-Owned Enterprise (BUMDes) "Berkah Maju Bersama/Blessing Growth in Harmony" in 2017.

At the onset, Berkah Maju Bersama handled waste management in Rempoah Village. Thereafter, the BUMDes also took charge of the handling of clean water, trading, and skills for villagers.

The Clean Water Procurement Unit and Trade and Skills Unit are currently pioneering businesses expected to contribute income in the future.

Pujihartono has projected that the Clean Water Procurement Unit will boost income for the village after clean water supply becomes available in the residents' houses.

"One more time for budgeting, and clean water can be made available to the residents' houses and become additional income for PADes, (village revenue)," he stated.

The Trade and Skills Unit has currently opened Warung BUMDes and kiosk rental built on the former land of the Rempoah Village Hall. Warung BUMDes occupies one of the seven kiosks that are leased.
Village-Owned Enterprise (BUMDes) Berkah Maju Bersama. (ANTARA/Sumarwoto)

In future, Warung BUMDes Berkah Maju Bersama will offer an array of typical food products and handicrafts produced by the residents of Rempoah Village.

"Currently, the Warung BUMDes is only providing stationery and snacks from the residents here," he stated.

Before the implementation of the village fund program, Rempoah Village was significantly dependent on the village land auction as its key income.

Financial restraints hindered the optimal implementation of village development.

Since the central government initiated the village fund in 2015, Rempoah has borne witness to significant, rapid infrastructure development, as 70 percent of the funding is prioritized to fund infrastructure and community development.

Thereon, the villagers can gradually lead better lives.

Mundirin, one of the villagers, remarked that the funding helped in building several infrastructure, especially village roads, thereby offering people faster and easier access to places.

Heri Lispriyono, another villager, is optimistic that the village development funded by the village fund will boost the original village revenue (PADes).

"We hope the fund would be optimally utilized that will eventually help boost the PADes and, at the end of the day, help the village become entirely independent," he concluded.

Thanks to the Larva

Cultivation of black fly larvae or Maggot Black Soldier Fly (BSF) by utilizing organic waste in Rempoah Village, Banyumas Regency. (ANTARA / Sumarwoto)

The Waste Management Unit of BUMDes Berkah Maju Bersama has, since the end of 2018, also been involved in farming black fly larvae or maggot Black Soldier Fly (BSF) by utilizing organic waste that has begun providing income for BUMDes.

The black fly larva can then be a substitute for fish and livestock feed.

"I have tried using maggot for catfish feed and it turns out that the catfish growth was extraordinary," Sugeng, the village head, pointed out.

BUMDes Berkah Maju Bersama Waste Processing Unit Manager, Sulemi, remarked that maggots are currently in high demand by catfish farmers.

Maggot prices range from Rp8 thousand to Rp10 thousand per kilogram. Those buying one to 10 kilograms will be charged Rp10 thousand per kilogram, while people purchasing above 20 kilograms will have to pay Rp8 thousand per kilogram.

Editor: Eliswan Azly
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