We beg that you do not use it to blaspheme and spread slander,
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chief Judge of the Constitutional Court (MK) Anwar Usman has called on all parties to not use the court's ruling over the electoral dispute as pretext to utter blasphemy and spread slander.

"We beg that you do not use it to blaspheme and spread slander," Usman noted during a session to read out the court's ruling at the MK headquarters here on Thursday.

According to Usman, the MK was sentient of the fact that not every party would be content with the judges' ruling. Hence, he urged conflicting parties in the presidential election dispute to pay close attention to the court's ruling, especially taking into account the legal aspects considered in reaching the decision.

"We will be responsible for this ruling before Allah SWT (Almighty) ," he emphasized.

Indonesia had held simultaneous legislative and presidential elections on April 17, 2019, in which incumbent Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Prabowo Subianto once again went head-to-head.

The MK held hearings on June 14-28, 2019, over a legal suit filed by the losing Subianto-Uno ticket, who challenged the KPU's vote tally announced on May 22, 2019.

Following the announcement, Incumbent Jokowi declared victory, though Subianto declined the results and, in an all-out attempt to overturn the presidential election results, decided to file a legal suit to challenge the KPU's election results.

The Subianto team also accused that systematic, massive, and structured frauds had taken place during the presidential election.

The police have ramped up security arrangements in the Constitutional Court building and adjoining areas, as a rally was staged by people grouped in 10 organizations to demand the court to deliver a just and fair ruling.

Translator: Dewi Nindy SR, Fardah
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