HONG KONG--(Antara/BUSINESS WIRE)-- The 1000-personel event of the "World Digital Economy Summit and You Bank Global Start-up Ceremony Hong Kong" was successfully concluded on the afternoon of June 29 at the Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong. Dozens of renowned speech guests including You Bank Asia-Pacific Communication Ambassador Liu Yang, You Bank China Communication Ambassador Dai Youming, You Bank CEO Daniel, Dr. Gan Liqing, Co-Chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Graham Leach, Blockchain Professor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Zhang Yurong, Secretary-General of Asian Blockchain Association, Brian Jiang etc. attended the summit and delivered speeches.

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You Bank Digital Card Debut

"You Bank Digital Card Global Initiation Ceremony" was officially completed at the conference. After the launching ceremony, you Bank CEO Daniel announced that You Bank Digital Card is dedicated to solving the pain points of traditional banks and realizing the global circulation of digital assets. You Bank Digital Card holders can pay digital assets directly for consumption; digital assets can be exchanged for local currency from global ATM; it has MasterCard financial supervision guarantee, safe and reliable; and it has MasterCard financial management protection and provides timely settlement of digital assets business. Its ultimate goal is to let You Bank users enjoy the privilege of “one card in hand, no problem around the world!”

You Bank, Dedicated to Building the “Federal Reserve” of the Digital World

You Bank Asia-Pacific Communication Ambassador Liu Yang delivered a speech to introduce You Bank, the world’s first digital asset banking platform, to the guests. He said You Bank was a global leader in the field of multinational blockchain financial comprehensive service. Headquartered in Singapore, it was founded by the Richmond family, one of the nine Jewish families, known as the "Rothschild" family in the digital world.

The original intention of You Bank is to establish a digital bank which can offer service to the whole world in the digital economy era. The Digital Asset Banking Platform is committed to providing global users with "one-app-for-all" digital asset management and financial services, becoming the "Federal Reserve" of the digital world.

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