Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Director General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture, Hilmar Farid, said the government would soon form the Ombilin Sawahlunto coal mining management body that had just been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

"This is based on the mandate of Law number 11 of 2010 to establish a management body," he said here on Sunday.

Therefore, the Director General of Culture of the Republic of Indonesia immediately spoke with the provincial, municipal, district and other stakeholders to follow up on the mandate.

According to him, the establishment of the agency makes sense considering that if there is a development involving many parties, the central government does not have to participate, because there is already a semi-permanent management body.

"We are targeting this management body to be completed by the end of 2019 and can immediately carry out its functions," he said.

Regarding the amount of the management agency's budget, he claimed he did not know, because each stakeholder such as the province, district and Director General of Culture is still counting.

In addition, the Regional Infrastructure Development Agency of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing will also be involved in budget matters.

Regarding the role of the Ministry of Education and Culture in the management body, it will be more about substances such as ensuring preservation, narrative matters and experts if the restoration and development are carried out so as not to hit the rules.

"Friends have been working well with architects, developers," he said.

He saw the concept of handling the Ombilin Sawahlunto coal mining area different from other sites such as Central Java's Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple which are located in one complex.

"The Ombilin coal mining area is a city that has a planned Spatial Detail, and therefore a management body is needed," he said.

He added that the management agency will have the task of harmonizing economic development and conservation so that no party is harmed.

Translator: M. Zulfikar/Eliswan Azly
Editor: Bambang Purwanto
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