Jakarta (ANTARA) - Rifqi Rachman, a political researcher at the Indonesian Institute, highlighted the need for political parties to not base their decisions to join the government on the lust for power.

"Do not let the political party's decision to join the government be based solely on its desire for power," Rachman stated when contacted in Jakarta on Friday.

Rachman cautioned that any party's decision to join the government purely in pursuit of power would be dangerous.

Furthermore, it can be interpreted as a form of the party's betrayal of the people, who have sacrificed significantly while providing support during the 2019 Election.

Rachman assessed that the reconciliation process being sought by several parties is currently quite elitist in nature.

He noted that the issue of polarization in society, as widely observed during the last election, was only mentioned by several figures without further explanation.

He cited as an example the concrete steps pertaining to what will and can be taken to pacify the situation.

"This is where political parties should take on the role of spreading political education, not only among their cadres but also the wider community," Rachman elaborated.

Through the dissemination of political education, the public is expected to gain a broader understanding of good democratic values.

"Political parties need to instill an understanding that is different in choice and identity, and ideology is a perfection in democracy," he explained.

Rachman also believes that the values instilled in society through imparting political education will help in improving the mental outlook of members of society. Later, the public will prioritize rationality over sentiment in forming their political outlook.

On the other hand, Rachman added that the elitist content in the discourse of reconciliation could also be reduced by shifting the discussion to a more substantive realm.

"The discussion about the program that one political party can bring if it is keen to join the government must be highlighted to the public. The people have the right to know what benefits can be yielded when one political party approaches the government," he said.

Moreover, political parties joining the government should also share a similar vision and mission, so that matters do not backfire in the policy process later. Related news: Jokowi to form new cabinet for 2019-2024 period

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