Jakarta (ANTARA) - Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) Party Chairperson Prabowo Subianto and Nation Awakening Party (PKB) Chairperson Muhaimin Iskandar, popularly known as Cak Imin, inaugurated both parties' joint secretariat building in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Monday.

"Today, we officially open the Gerindra-PKB Joint Secretariat," Prabowo Subianto stated at the launch of the building.

Establishment of the joint secretariat office is a form of political cooperation that had been decided and agreed upon by Gerindra and PKB on August 13, 2022, in Sentul, West Java, he remarked.

"Today is proof of the fact that our cooperation and determination are solid, our spirits are high, our optimism and confidence are great, and we will come forward to defend the people's interests," he affirmed.

On the same occasion, Subianto opened up the opportunity for other parties to join the Gerindra-PKB Coalition.

"It is a clear start, there is a religious nationalist party. We are optimistic that the logo will not only be limited to two parties," he stated.

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Earlier, Gerindra Deputy Chairperson G. Budisatrio Djiwandono explained that Gerindra-PKB had signed the Coalition Declaration Charter, and the two chairpersons had exchanged visits to the official event of each party.

Djiwandono stated that the inauguration of the Gerindra-PKB Coalition secretariat will demonstrate an equal position in the formulation of ideologies, strategies, and direction of nation-building by involving the entire structure of the two parties from the central to regional levels.

"This joint secretariat is not only a platform to win the 2024 General Elections but also as a place for a common struggle to combine the views and programs of each party to build a united Indonesia," he affirmed.

Meanwhile, Cak Imin believes that the coalition of Gerindra and PKB is mutually beneficial to realize a just and prosperous Indonesia.

PKB millennial spokesperson Didiet Fitrah stated that all activities and struggles of the Gerindra Party and PKB to win the 2024 General Elections will focus at the joint secretariat office.

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