Government drafts regulations on use of unmanned aircraft

Government drafts regulations on use of unmanned aircraft

Head of the Research and Development Agency (Balitbang) at the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub), Sugihardjo. (ANTARA/ Juwita Trisna Rahayu)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - ​​​​The government is drafting regulations on the use of unmanned aircraft systems, or drones.

"Comprehensive regulations are needed following the widespread use of drones and their affordable prices," Head of the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Transportation Sugihardjo said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Furthermore, drones are widely used in other sectors, such as agriculture, mining, and aeromodelling hobbies.

"The growth of drone sales in Indonesia has increased, along with the promotion of cheap and easy-to-get drones. The price of drones, ranging from 100,000 to tens of millions of rupiah, can be found in local online stores. Starting from toy drones, racing drones, to professional drones," Sugihardjo stated.

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The Indonesian government has issued several regulations to regulate the use of drones in Indonesian airspace, as stated in the Minister of Transportation Regulation Number PM 180 of 2015 concerning the control of the operation of unmanned aircraft systems in the airspace served by Indonesia and CASR part 107 small unmanned aircraft systems.

The Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Transportation has discussed draft regulations related to the use of drones, hoping that it could provide space in the use of new technology, thus ensuring the safety of flights.

The government is obliged to anticipate the development of the use of drone technology in Indonesia by drafting regulations, such as the certification of drone pilots; registration and certification of drones; provisions for the operation and supervision of drones; regulation and supervision of air space in the operation of drones; licensing for the use of drones for air transport; preparation of infrastructure and facilities supporting the operation of drones at airports; flight safety supervision in the use of drones; and needed insurance when operating drones.

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