Pontianak (ANTARA) - Fire, in the last 72 hours, has burnt down over 80 hectares of peatland in Rasau Village, Sui Pinyuh Sub-district, Mempawah District, West Kalimantan, but until Thursday morning, it had yet to be completely extinguished.

"Over 80 hectares have been burnt down, including the pineapple and palm oil plantations owned by residents," Military District Commander of 02/Sui Pinyuh 1201 Regional Military Command of Mempawah Captain Joko Umbrawan stated at Sui Pinyuh.

The 02/Sui Pinyuh Military District Command has deployed 15 personnel to extinguish land fires by deploying firefighters from other relevant agencies.

The Mempawah Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) officers, Manggala Agni, and local residents worked unitedly to put out the fire.

He remarked that the fires in Rasau Village spread quickly, as they occurred on dry peatlands.

"We are overwhelmed in extinguishing the forest fire owing to its difficult-to-reach location, scarce water sources, and limited facilities and infrastructure," he explained.

He noted that the officers had succeeded in putting out fire in some 30 hectares of burnt land.

Umbrawan has urged residents to not clear land by burning since this practice increases the risk of land and forest fires during the dry season as is currently the case.

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