Jakarta (ANTARA) - Golkar Party's Deputy Secretary General Ace Hasan Syadzily said President Joko Widodo (Jokowi)'s statement that the government would review the extension of the permit for the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) was not a political matter.

"President Jokowi's statement is not political. (The statement is ) about the obligation of social organizations (whose ideology) should be aligned with the state's ideology, Pancasila," Ace said here on Sunday.

Pancasila is Indonesia's state ideology consisting of five tenets -- Belief in the one and only God, Humanity, Unity of Indonesia, Democracy, and Social Justice.

Ace said that the President's statement did not only apply to the FPI but also to every social organization in Indonesia in which they have an obligation to obey the national ideology of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

He stressed that Jokowi's statement was his responsibility as a Head of State who wanted to maintain the pillar of nationhood in Indonesia.

"This is a consistent attitude of President Jokowi who continues to strengthen the Pancasila ideology," Ace stressed.

He said that this nation has Perppu (regulation in lieu of law) No.2 of 2017 concerning Community Organizations which expressly states that every mass organization must not conflict with Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

In addition, in the Perppu, it is stated that every mass organization is prohibited from taking acts of hostility towards ethnicity, religions, races or classes. They are also prohibited from committing abuse, defamation, or desecration of the religions adopted in Indonesia.

In the Perppu it is also stated that mass organizations are prohibited from committing acts of violence, disturbing peace and public order, or damaging public facilities and social facilities; and / or carry out activities that are the duties and authorities of law enforcers in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

"So what President Jokowi said is clearly an attitude of law enforcement that we have," Ace said.

Previously, President Jokowi stated the possibility of the government not to extend the permit of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) as a social organization if it is deemed inconsistent with the state's ideology.

Translator: Rangga Pandu Asmara Jingga/Bam
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