Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Ambassador to South Africa Salman Al Farisi promoted and marketed Sumedang coffee at the Coffee and Chocolate Africa Expo 2019 held at Ticket Dome Pro in Johannesburg, South Africa, on July 26-28, 2019.

"True coffee lovers must have been familiar with the reputation of Indonesian coffee, such as Luwak Coffee, Gayo Coffee, or Toraja Coffee. To continue our efforts to penetrate the food and beverage market in South Africa, we bring Sumedang Coffee to this exhibition. Sumedang Coffee has its own flavor and aroma as well as the same quality grade as its other Indonesian coffee varieties," Ambassador Al Farisi remarked as noted in a press release issued by the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria and received here on Tuesday.

Al Farisi stated that through participation in the exhibition, the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria supports the government's efforts to continue strengthening the national coffee branding worldwide.

The Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria, in cooperation with PT. Pupuk Kujang, brought “Kopi Geulis,” an MSME (micro, small and medium enterprise) from Sumedang, West Java, to participate in one of the biggest coffee and chocolate exhibitions in the world, which has been organized for the seventh time in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Over 230 participants from the hospitality industry, coffee makers, manufacturers, and restaurants participated in the exhibition that annually attracts more than 30 thousand visitors. This opportunity has been utilized as an event to introduce Sumedang Coffee to the international market.

Sumedang Arabica coffee has yet to gain as much popularity as its country peers, such as Luwak Coffee, Gayo Coffee, and Toraja Coffee, although Sumedang District has been one of the four biggest Arabica coffee producing areas in West Java Province since coffee plantations were established by the Dutch colonial government.

Sumedang City also endeavored to build its “coffee culture” by opening a Coffee Department at one of the vocational schools in the area, the first school and pilot project in Indonesia.

During the exhibition, the Indonesian booth succeeded in attracting visitors keen on knowing more about Indonesian coffee. One of the barista jurors praised the flavor and aroma of Sumedang Coffee that he believes is very balanced.

With the use of different post-harvest coffee bean drying techniques, Sumedang Coffee has honey, wine, full wash, and natural tones, each of which has its own distinct characteristics.

PT Pupuk Kujang, as the sponsor for “Kopi Geulis,” has a partnership program for MSMEs, especially those located in West Java Province, which is the operational area of PT Pupuk Kujang.

One of Pupuk Kujang’s partners that participated in the exhibition -- “Kopi Geulis Kopi Sumedang” -- recently won the Gold title at the national level at the Agroofood & Halal Expo 2019 in Jakarta.

Through participation in the Coffee and Chocolate Africa Expo and also with assistance of the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria, PT. Pupuk Kujang is optimistic that the exposure through the exhibition can boost the spirit of MSME entrepreneurs to continue to learn and improve their capabilities to compete in national and international markets.

Not only limited to coffee, the participation of PT. Pupuk Kujang in South Africa has also opened several other opportunities, including the possibility of cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria in developing training and capacity building program for the local South African MSMEs.

Reporter: Yuni Arisandy Sinaga
Editor: Bambang Purwanto
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