Indonesian Police stations 300 personnel in Papua

Indonesian Police stations 300 personnel in Papua

Indonesian Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian. (ANTARA/Anita Permata Dewi/sh)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Police deployed 300 Mobile Brigade Unit (Brimob) personnel to Deiyai, Paniai, and Jayapura following the unrest in Deiyai District that killed two civilians and an Army soldier, Indonesian Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian stated.

Karnavian expressed concern over the incident on Wednesday (Aug 28) and expressed hope of it not recurring in the future.

"We deplored the incident in Deiyai in which an army soldier was killed. He was killed in the line of action while guarding military weapons in a car. He was fatally struck by an arrow. His rifle was taken," he stated here on Thursday.

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Five military and police personnel were injured in the incident.

The police accused a group from Paniai that had triggered the unrest. They were not in the same group with other demonstrators, who had earlier staged a peaceful protest before the local district office.

"This group from Paniai hid behind the demonstrators and attacked security personnel," Karnavian added.

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An attacker was also killed in the incident after he got shot with an arrow allegedly coming from his own group.

Karnavian noted that bows and arrows were not used by the military and police.

"The Indonesian military and police have never used arrows. The arrow came from his own group," he clarified.

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The riot broke out when nearly a hundred people were staging a protest in front of the Deiyai District office. All of a sudden, a thousand other people appeared on the scene brandishing arrows, spears, and machetes and hurled stones at security personnel.

The mobs attacked a car, killing army man Second Sergeant Rikson with a machete and an arrow. They also seized 10 assault rifles SS 1 and some ammunition.

After grabbing the military rifles, they opened fire at security personnel controlling the protestors, and the subsequent exchange of fire was inevitable.

Five military and police personnel suffered injuries in the incident. All victims were promptly evacuated to Enarotali Hospital. EDITED BY INE

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