The apparatus is still working as much as possible to control the security situation in Papua
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Police and the Indonesian Military are still trying to control the security situation in Papua after numerous riots that erupted in the region.

"The apparatus is still working as much as possible to control the security situation in Papua," Chief of the Public Relations Bureau of the National Police Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo said at the National Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Thursday. On Wednesday, August 28, and Thursday there were demonstrations which ended in anarchism in Deiyai and Jayapura.

"People held demonstrations this morning in Sentani. Then, they headed for Jayapura," he said.

During the demonstrations, people damaged some public facilities of among others sub-precinct police in South Jayapura, Abepura correctional institution, shops, vehicles and other locations.

"The communication network in some areas has been cut," Prasetyo said.

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Two civilians and an army soldier were killed in a protest that turned violent in Deiyai District, Papua, Wednesday, Papua Police Chief Inspector General Rudolf Rodja said.

"Reports that six civilians were killed and injured in the incident are untrue. We can confirm that three people were killed, two of them were civilians and one was an army soldier," Rodja earlier said when contacted here Wednesday.

The riot erupted when nearly one hundred people were staging a protest in front of the Deiyai District office. Suddenly, another 1,000 people appeared on the scene and some of them tried to attack the security personnel.

The mobs attacked a car, killing an army man, Second Sergeant Rikson, with a machete and an arrow. They also seized 10 SS 1 assault rifles and some ammunition.

After grabbing the military rifles, they opened fire on security personnel who were controlling the protestors and the subsequent exchange of fire was unavoidable, Rodja said.

Five military and police personnel were injured in the incident. All the victims were quickly evacuated to Enarotali Hospital and the situation is now under control, he said.

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