President orders crackdown on rioting, anarchy in Papua

President orders crackdown on rioting, anarchy in Papua

President Joko Widodo (special)

Purworejo, C Java (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has ordered the police and military to take stern measures against those spreading anarchy and racism in Papua. "I am following the case and I have received information on the latest situation in Papua, especially in Jayapura," Jokowi said before a shadow puppet theater in Purworejo, Central Java, late Thursday.

The President has also called on the public to stay calm and refrain from committing anarchy.

"It will harm all of us if public facilities are damaged," he said.

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The government would remain committed to developing Papua, both in terms of physical and human resource development, Jokowi reiterated.

"Let us keep Papua as a peaceful region, peaceful land. I call on all leaders, customary and religious leaders, as well as Papuan youths to help materialize a peaceful and developed Papua," Jokowi said.

The government has planned to meet Papuan tribal chiefs and is still searching for an appropriate time.

"We have planned it (the meeting) to be conducted this week, but it is not possible. In the near term, we will have the meeting with youth leaders, customary as well as religious leaders," Jokowi said.  

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