It was a very positive thing, as it would have a huge impact on child protection.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Director General of Social Rehabilitation of the Social Affairs Ministry Edi Suharto supported legalizing the revision bill on Law No. 1 of 1974 on Marriage on raising women’s minimum marriageable age, from 16 to 19.

"It is a very positive thing, as it will have a huge impact in terms of child protection," Suharto stated in here, Thursday.

He remarked that the old law was akin to robbing a young woman's future, since being under 19 years of age, she would be unready in terms of the psychosocial aspect to face married life or the problems that possibly arise in the family.

Suharto affirmed that raising the minimum age for marriage will likely have wide-ranging impacts, such as on child workers and child social services.

This new revision bill was legalized at a plenary meeting of the House of Representatives that determined the minimum age of marriage for men and women are currently the same.

However, some cases may have dispensed, furnishing strong reasons during the judicial process. Related news: President orders 4 ministers to discuss marriage law revision

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