As the country's foundation, Pancasila has guided the Indonesian people to unite in diversity
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Pancasila, the five basic principles of the Republic of Indonesia, has become a guide to the unity of the Indonesian people amidst a wealth of customs and cultures. "As the country's foundation, Pancasila has guided the Indonesian people to unite in diversity," President Joko Widodo said in his twitter account @Jokowi Tuesday regarding the celebration of the Sacred Pancasila Day.

Even though the nation has experienced obstacles, the values of Pancasila are still able to knit together unity and integrity, he tweeted.

"Various obstacles come to shake that unity, but all of them are bounced by our shared commitment to implement the values of Pancasila in social life," the President said.

In his tweet, there is a picture of many people with diverse backgrounds holding the pole on which there is the Garuda Pancasila, the state emblem of Indonesia.

There is also a picture of a woman dressed in red with her right hand pointing upwards as if she is inviting viewers to look up, while her left hand points to the Garuda Pancasila.

President Widodo along with Vice President Jusuf Kalla attended the commemoration of Sacred Pancasila Day at the Pancasila Sakti Monument, Lubang Buaya, East Jakarta Tuesday morning.

Indonesia commemorates the Sacred Pancasila Day every October 1 to remember the deaths of seven revolutionary heroes in the aborted communist coup attempt on September 30, 1965,.

The heroes of the revolution are General Ahmad Yani, Lt. Gen. Suprapto, Lt. Gen. M.T. Haryono, Lt. Gen. S Parman, Maj. Gen. D.I. Pandjaitan, Maj. Gen. Sutoyo Siswomiharjo and Capt. Pierre Tendean. (INE)
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