Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - The Skouw-Wutung border of Republic of Indonesia (RI) and Papua New Guinea (PNG) remained closed for public because of the security reason, as few days earlier,
gunfights occurred between Indonesia's armed forces and several armed separatists, an official said here Sunday.

The 172/Praja Wira Yhakti military post commander, Col. Inf. Binsar Sianipar, explained that the border had been temporarily closed on Sept 24, a day after a violent riot broke out in Wamena city, Jayawijaya District, Papua Province.

"In order to reopen the border, we must contact our counterpart in PNG," Sianipar remarked.

On Sept 23, rioters burned shops and houses of settlers in Wamena. Therefore, some 10,000 people were displaced while schools and public activities got disrupted.

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In a separate occasion, the Jayapura Immigration authority revealed that some of its officials were still assigned to guard the border despite the closure.

Under a normal condition, the RI-PNG border in Skouw District, Jayapura city, would be crossed by at least 100 people per day. "The figure would raise whenever the market nearby the border in Indonesia's area was opened.

Most PNG citizens whose homes are near the border will visit the Indonesian market in Skouw which is situated around 300 meters from the neutral zone of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

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