Situbondo, E Java (ANTARA) - Four residents of Situbondo, East Java, died after a falling tree crushed their car while passing by the Java northern coast route (Pantura) in Curahkalak Village, Jangkar Sub-district, Friday, at around 6 p.m. local time.

Five other people inside the ill-fated Panther van, including the driver, sustained serious and minor injuries, for which they were hospitalized at the Asembagus Public Hospital, Jangkar Police Chief First Inspector Sadali informed journalists here on Saturday.

He revealed that it took two hours to evacuate the dead and injured victims owing to the dismal condition of the crushed car, adding that among the passengers were children aged five and 13.

The accident took place after a big rotten Tamarind tree suddenly fell and hit a Panther van when its driver was passing by the road heading to Situbondo after visiting the Salafiyah Syafi'iyah Islamic Boarding School in the Sukorejo area.

The driver and eight passengers are residents of the villages of Jebung Lor and Jebung Kidul in Pujer Sub-district, Situbondo District, East Java Province. The dead passengers were identified as Zakia Qutrun Nada (5), Badriyah (40), Latifa (42), and Yuni (46).

Meanwhile, the wounded passengers were identified as Fatimatus Zahro (47), Ahmad Zaini (45), Ali Zulhan (42), Wildan (13), and Aliya (5), Sadali stated. Related news: Three killed in single-vehicle accident on Jagorawi toll road

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